What can ever be lost?

From the 18th century Japanese Zen poet Ryokan:

In all 10 directions of the universe, 
there is only one truth. 
When we see clearly, the great teachings are the same.
What can ever be lost?
What can be attained?
If we attain something, it was there from the beginning of time.
If we lose something, it is hiding somewhere near us.
Look: this ball in my pocket: 
can you see how priceless it is?

Excerpted from the book, The Gospel According to Jesus, by Stephen Mitchell

This says to me we are whole and complete. What we are seeking is already within us, what we feel we’ve lost is still present. Nothing beyond us can diminish us.

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2 Responses to What can ever be lost?

  1. Jan Morrill says:

    Beautiful. And, an excellent interpretation. Why don’t you interpret this in a painting? 🙂

  2. Steve says:

    Thank you Jan. Good idea. The painting would probably have a lot of white in it!

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