Judging others is one of my character flaws that causes me to get out of balance emotionally and justify not being as attentive and compassionate as I could be. I also think it’s a way I sometimes try to boost my own self-esteem, reassuring myself by comparing myself to others and coming out on top. (Of course) I like this story from Experiencing Spirituality. It was a nice reminder that when I find myself judging others I best turn my attention to my own flaws and work on myself.

A brother had committed a fault. A council was called to which Abba Moses was invited, but he refused to go. Then the priest sent someone to say to him, “Come, for everyone is waiting for you.”

So he got up and went, taking a leaking jug filled with water and carrying it with him. The other monks came out to meet him and said, “what is this, father?”

The old man replied: “my sins run out behind me and I do not see them, and today I am coming to judge the faults of another.” When they heard that, they said no more to the brother but forgave him.

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One Response to Judgement

  1. Jan Morrill says:

    It’s so easy to judge others and often we don’t realize we’re doing it to build ourselves up, so you’re one step ahead of a lot of us!

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